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    31 décembre 2018
  • The Capetian Descent 2018 (22nd issue)

    Find the full Capedia database on a USB stick, in bank card format, as you can see on the internet: tables, coats of arms, notices and images!

    Check out Capedia on your own computer not connected to the internet!

    Easily slip your USB stick into your wallet or into your handbag pouch and stun your friends and family by displaying Capedia on their computer!

    The USB stick contains the full Capedia database : 800,000 individuals, all linked to the common ancestor Hugues Capet, forming a gigantic table without duplicates or extinct branches!

    ou will navigate with a simple click of mouse and discover with surprise of spectacular cousinages : Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, François Mitterrand, François Hollande, Bernadette Chirac, François Fillon, Michel Sapin, Ségolène Royal, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Bruno Le Maire, Johnny Hallyday, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Céline Dion, Elvis Presley, George Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump...

    The armorial, included in the USB stick, includes 5,600 faces illustrating the coats of arms of more than 260,000 people of the Capetian base.

    You will print "à la carte" superb illustrated ancestry charts, impressive descent charts and relationship charts.

    Important: the USB stick only works under Windows!

    Purchase of the USB stick includes the annual Capedia service subscription.

    Prix normal de ce produit 49 €
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    Price : 44 € Order

    Spécial Noël : - 10%

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    31 décembre 2018
  • Annual subscription to the Capedia service

    If you prefer to consult the database of the Capedtian Descent on Internet www.capedia.fr, then opt for Capedia subscription and find the same functionality as the CD-ROM, with:

    - online direct entry of all your Capetian filiations
    - access to an armorial of 5,400 colored coats of arms
      and its integrated search engine
    - access to the genealogical documents composition tool
    - PDF edition of genealogical charts
    - display of coat of arms in color with description
    - personalized and secure management of your book
      collection Capedia

    For any individual of the Capetian database, associate your notices and your images : Capedia Capedia composes your genealogy automatically in a few seconds in PDF format, in color, without having to worry about pagination, chapting, positioning of coats of arms and portraits.

    Several pre-defined templates are available:

    The descent of ...
    The ancestors of ...
    Biographical note of ...
    Illustrated chart of ...
    Relationship of ... with ...
    The ... directory ...

    Send the PDF file directly to the printer of your choice and offer your book to the members of your family!

    Prix normal de ce produit 35 €
    Votre réduction de 10 % est prise en compte

    Price : 32 € Order

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